Rina Yang

Rina is a director of photography based in London. She grew up in a small city in Japan, where she studied still life and portrait painting.

She is the first Asian woman ever to join the British Society of Cinematographers, and she was selected for the BAFTA Breakthrough 2020. She is also the first female DOP ever to win a cinematography award at the British Arrows, as well as being nominated for a best cinematographer in fiction at the BAFTA Cymru Awards 19', making history in both commercials and narrative categories.


Recent projects: ‘O’dessa’ for Searchlight Pictures, ‘Flint Strong’ for MGM studios, EUPHORIA season2 ep6 for HBO/A24, 'NANNY' (Sundance Grand Jury Prize) for Amazon Studios, Top Boy3 for Netflix, 'Sitting In Limbo' (BAFTA winner) for BBC1.


“Rina Yang is a cinematographer making waves in the industry right now. Based in London by way of Japan, her name seems to be attached to more and more projects every week. Stylistically she’s something of a photographic chameleon, with each music video, commercial or film she shoots having a unique visual voice that lends itself perfectly to the subject matter. It’s a subtle style that doesn’t require brash composition, nor does it force you to consider ‘The Cinematographer’ (capital T, capital C). This sort of restraint shows a perfect understanding of what’s necessary to tell a story in line with a Director’s vision, and a great control of the craft.”

British Cinematographer

‘Meet The New Wave – Rina Yang’


“Rina Yang’s unstoppable rise in Cinematography sees her work appearing in every corner of the industry. I chat to her about this relentless journey in developing her craft, how her cultural background has shaped her lens on the world, and her philosophical approach to creating compelling imagery.”

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“Cinematographer Rina Yang on the art of balancing life with 12 hour working days”

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“The Art of Finding Yourself”

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“Creative Lives – Director of photography Rina Yang talks exceeding your director’s expectations and following heart above money”


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